Installment purchase


Dear Customer,

In order to facilitate the transaction and purchase of goods between the International Investment and Development Joint Stock Company (VMS) and our customers, we would like to introduce the installment purchase program when you order and purchase at Our company is as follows:


a. If you are employed, you must:

Age from 20 to 60 (based on date of birth on the identity card).
ID card is valid (15 years from date of issue).
Household registration (the purchaser must have his / her household name). If the loan is less than 10 million, it can be replaced by a driver"s license
b. If you are a STUDENT you must:

From the age of 18.
Have identity card.
Student ID card and receipt of most recent semester fees.
The household name is yours.
Copy of ID card of father or mother notarized 6 months.

Loan term of 9-24 months: interest rate 2.00% / month
6 month loan term: interest rate 2.66% / month
a. Interest rates can be reduced by 5 - 7% per year if you have the following additional documents:

Electricity / water / Internet / cable / telephone bill: Your name or address is the same as your location.
b. If borrowing more than 10 million,

If you are working: the last 3 months account statement or Labor Contract / or Health Insurance.
If you are a business owner: business license + latest 3 months tax receipt.
3. "PIN" to pay up to 90%

Your monthly donation should be equal to half of your remaining balance after spending. Eg: Your income is 8tr, you spend an average of 5tr ​​remaining 3tr is best you should contribute 1.5tr / month.
The reference phone number should be your relative as your spouse, sibling in the family, close friend and must know your prepayment.
Good loan history: pay off, pay on time

a. Quickly register and browse through the phone.

Step 1: Make a payment at
Step 2: Wait for the appraisal from the financial company for 4 hours if you book 17 hours in advance, after this hour will be evaluated 12 hours later.
Step 3: Receive the verification result via SMS or call.
Step 4: Bring the original file to the store and receive the goods. (the application will be returned after reconciliation).
b. Sell ​​at the price listed on the website and get enough promotions (except interest 0% interest rate program).

Pay monthly convenience, fast at our website.
There are 0% interest rate products or many other incentives.
We look forward to your interest and cooperation.

Best regards!

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