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Address Nha Trang kitchen equipment supplier provides distribution equipment accessories kitchen appliances in Nha Trang prestigious best bargains, selling high quality kitchen appliances. VMS INTERNATIONAL DEVELOPMENT AND INVESTMENT JOINT STOCK COMPANY is proud of being the leading distributor of kitchen equipment for many shops and agents in Nha Trang, wholesaler & retailer of kitchenware for individuals. need. See product at website:

See the product at or Hotline: 0583.813525

Specializing in providing kitchen appliances in Nha Trang include:

 Kitchen equipment: Oven, oven, flat fridge, fried kitchen, kitchen, kitchen, steamer, soup pot, ...
 Refrigeration equipment: display cabinets, food storage cabinets, hot-holding bakery, food storage cabinets, supermarket cabinets
 Food processing equipment: duck plucking machine, bone saw, food burger, sausage press, food grinder, food cutter
 Bar Equipment: Boiling Water Boiler, Coffee Grinder, Vending Machine, Stone Machine, Fruit Juicer, Ice Making Machine, Cooler, Ice Cream Maker
 Baking Equipment: Baking Machine, Baking Oven, Flour Milling Machine, Powder Dispenser, Powder Mixer, Spinning Machine
Why you choose Nha Trang Kitchen Equipment?

 Closed production process, repair service, full warranty
 Sell ​​the original price of the distributor
 Delivery to Nha Trang and all over the country
 Warranty, long-term maintenance
International Investment and Development Joint Stock Company (VMS)

Address: 121 Tran Quy Cap, Phuong Sai, Nha Trang, Khanh Hoa.


1. Family equipment

Water purifier
Cool cooling
2. kitchen equipment

Gas stove
Electric stove
Kitchen words
Kitchen combination
Dryer cup
Coffee maker
Washer and dryer
3. Cabinets for preservation

Wine storage cabinet
Negative refrigerator
Cabinet freeze
4. Kitchen utensils

Stainless steel saucepan
Home appliances
Cleaning fluid

- With enthusiasm to contribute energy to bring convenience to the community, International Investment and Development Joint Stock Company (VMS) with the most advanced technology products will always satisfy the needs of all families. Vietnamese Family. Once again sincerely thank customers and partners.

See the product at or Hotline: 0583.813525

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