Warranty Policy


Dear Customer!

Thank you for your interest and trust when choosing to buy the products of our company VMS.

In order to facilitate the process of customer care, repair of incidents and malfunction during use of the machine, our company is committed to implementing the product warranty policy we provide as follows:

1. Subject to warranty: all customers when buying products at 24h VMS and components are on warranty.

2. List of warranty: is mounted on the machine and stamped warranty.

3. Warranty period: For water purifier products, 24 months warranty and 12 months for spare parts for replacement customers (as in item 2).

4. Time to receive and pay for warranty: not more than 72 (working hours) since the customer sends the defective product to the warranty center.

5. Warranty method: repairing, repairing, repairing or replacing the product if the product can not be repaired.

6. Warranty Fee: During the warranty period, the customer does not have to pay any repair or replacement fee if the fault belongs to the manufacturer. In addition to the warranty period, the company will receive repair or replacement charges, the fee will be agreed by both parties.

Product Warranty Center:

International Investment and Development Joint Stock Company (VMS)

Address: 121 Tran Quy Cap, Phuong Sai, Nha Trang, Khanh Hoa

Phone: 0945 515 345 - 0966 515 345 - 0583 813 525

To assist you during use, if any problems arise with the product. Please contact the company phone number.

Best regards!

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