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Water Filter FAMOR 24h Nha Trang, Nha Trang. 180 likes. WATER FILTER, GOOD QUALITY, PRESTIGE ... NHA TRANG.

FAMOR coolers are manufactured according to Japanese technology standards so quality is always guaranteed top priority

Kitchen scent imported, super smooth! Deodorant kitchen deodorant imported genuine

Gas stove, cheap infrared gas stove, luxury kitchen stove, brass burner durable, for green flame, concentrated in the bottom of the pot, less gas, with automatic gas break.

Electric cooker, Infrared cooker, Electric cooker, Electric cooker, Kitchen with ample variety, cheap, warranty 1 change 1 in 30 days at supermarket MSI

The induction or induction cooker uses an electric current to cook, by placing a thin sheet of iron on the bottom of the pot or using an iron pot.

Microwave ovens are a microwave oven in addition to basic functions such as heating, cooking and thawing food also has the function of baking, baking, baking

Choosing a dishwasher that is good to meet the needs of users is disturbed by many consumers when looking to buy essential items for the kitchen.

At home, there are at least one pot or pan made of stainless steel. Stainless steel pan with points of ability to conduct heat with good quality.

High-efficiency electromagnetic induction cooker saves energy. The kitchen surface uses ceramic heat-resistant glass. Modern touch controls, easy to use.

Malloca deodorant is designed in four models: vacuum island, wall vacuum, vacuum cabinet and classic vacuum.

Multifunctional ovens, large capacity, help the food to ripen, crispy crust, delicious, meet various needs of baking various users.

Large cabinets, which help cook easily, keep the natural flavor and nutrition of the dishes, save much time and effort when cooking.

Cup dryers help dry dishes, sterilized by temperature and ozone, and the enclosed environment, ensuring the drying and sterilization under ideal conditions.

Refrigerated cabinets are designed in a luxurious, elegant design with spacious, airy trays and many economical features.

Washing machines, dryers with many utility functions make housework gentle, clothes are clean, tidy and fragrant.

Fully functional automatic coffee latte with coffee grind, coffee espresso, cappuccino, water heater and easy light adjustment.

Wine cellar with high technology, large volume, wooden wine compartment, glass door with 3 layers of UV protection to keep the temperature in the cabinet is always stable.

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