FAMOR - CC01 - 9 UV level

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Basic features :
Model FAMOR - XI01
Công suất 10 L/H,15 L/H
Tổng lõi 9 CẤP UV
Công nghệ RO Filmtec 1812 - 50,75 (công nghệ USA)
Bình áp 3.2G, Bình áp thép đạt tiêu chuẩn chất lượng
Điện áp 220V - 50Hz AC; 24V - 0.34A DC
Kích thước 43x33x90(cm)
Xuất xứ VMS24 nhập khẩu
Hãng sản xuất FAMOR
Bảo hành 12 THÁNG

Filter capacity 10L / h

• 12L water tank (3.2G)

• Weight without water 22kg

• Voltage used 24V - 0.34A (DC)

• Power consumption 3-7KW / month

Product Description

RO FAMOR is manufactured on Taiwan"s state-of-the-art production line, the RO membrane filmtec US technology, imported and distributed by FAMOR. The filtered water is purified but retains its natural flavor and adds some health benefits.



• 1 PP (Polypropylene) 5micron core removes large impurities such as seaweeds, mosses, larvae and other impurities.

OCB Core 2 (activated charcoal) deodorizes the water, absorbing some toxic substances, bacteria and heavy metals (pre-filtered).

• The 3CTO core (0.5micron activated carbon) degrades deeper than the odors of water and toxic substances after passing through cores 2.

• RO membrane (reverse osmosis membrane) - the best membrane on the market today. With a 0.1 nanometer size, 99 percent of all hazardous substances, such as arsenic, mercury, lead, pesticides and harmful microbes, can affect the health of the user. The water passes through the RO membrane to almost absolute purity (ultrafiltration).

• Core 5 T33 (activated charcoal) has the function of rebalancing the natural bar of nature and adding some healthful minerals.

• The machine is equipped with a light and intelligent system, which allows the user to know the status of the machine. Automatic RO membrane rinsing, core blockage, weak water, full water ... Also it has the function to activate the pump operation in case the water source is too weak.

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